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Location Data Powered by Intelligent Wi-Fi

Location Data Powered by Intelligent Wi-Fi

iPass location technology leverages Wi-Fi to help businesses connect to, engage and develop a richer understanding of their customers.

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The Best

iPass has been a pioneer in wireless technology for 20 years. Our iPass SmartConnect technology enables wireless users to automatically transition between Wi-Fi and cellular so they can stay connected to work – and life – on the go.

This technology also lets businesses gather rich first-party insights based on customer location. By incorporating both Wi-Fi and GPS signals, iPass delivers the industry’s most accurate location data so that businesses can better understand their customers and drive higher engagement and loyalty, too.

The Best

The iPass SmartConnect™ cloud-based platform uses intelligent network selection to choose the best network for the user’s needs, based on availability, performance, and cost. For users, this means reduced friction and a consistent user experience regardless of the network they are connecting to, keeping them more engaged, satisfied, and sticky.

Put location data to work for your business

Consumer Insights

A credit card company includes an iPass SmartConnect subscription for cardholders, which improves the value of the card and gives the company a deeper understanding of its customers’ behavior so it can identify missed swipes and opportunities for new products, cross-sell, and strategic partnerships that customers will appreciate.

Marketing Attribution

By understanding the sequence of locations visited by people who’ve seen a particular ad, a marketer can understand how effective that ad is in driving a given outcome. Because iPass’s location data is driven by Wi-Fi and GPS, the results are granular and highly accurate. And providing Wi-Fi to your consumers can actually improve brand engagement and loyalty where other location data services rely on buying data in ways that can make consumers uncomfortable.

Customer Engagement

A retailer can use iPass SmartConnect to let customers get online seamlessly in its stores. It can also provide free on-the-go global Wi-Fi vouchers during regular promotions. Understanding customer location helps the company measure how well its marketing drives footfall, and learning where customers go in between store visits helps the company benchmark it’s stores.



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Uber, Ericsson, Emirates, Hitachi, and Life Wireless